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Anne Dengate & Penny Achieve AG CH 500 Status

At Portland on Sunday 27th November 2011

Congratulations to Anne Dengate and

Penny is my wonder girl and my reason for getting so involved in this sport that we all love. She would have to be the most forgiving dog ever and at times I believe she even reads the numbers.


As for achieving Agility Champion status, we had all the points we needed and more, just not nearly enough firsts for Agility Champion under the old (2006) rules as competing with all those fast feet it isn't easy to get a place. So with the introduction of the new (2011) rules for Agility Height Champions we had a chance. So it became our mission to get those extra 100 points both in Agility and Jumping, after 1st of July as required by the rules.


 We started off OK then Penny being herself at home and always having to win, injured her leg badly trying to beat the others to a ball which put us out for some time and cost her making Top Dog Agility finals for the 3rd year running, who would have thought us, Anne and Penny even making it in once. I can remember looking up to all those dogs and handlers just running in Masters let alone Top Dog.


Finally when she was fit to run again after being stitched up twice, we got into the Agility ring and she seemed to forget contacts, what are contacts are you sure you taught me? Can't I just fly off the end?


Finally we got it all together at Portland on the 27th November for our last elusive pass in Master Jumping with a 3rd overall and a 2nd in 500 which was great and gave us more points than we needed. What a successful week it was for Penny also gaining her Flyball Master Excellent title the weekend before.


I am very proud of my home bred girl who has been mine since the second she was born 6 years ago and I would also like to thank everyone who has helped us along our journey.


Anne Dengate