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Download the Following Agility Forms:

Top Dog Forms These are available on the Top Dog page
Agility Multi-Entry Form The standard Agility Entry form to be used for all trials from 2010   (Where paper forms are used)
Dog Height Measurement Forms - 2017

New PDF Form 
(Preferred as it is a fillable form and
easier & quicker to complete as it
populates the 2nd copy)

Old Forms   (Can still be used)

PDF Form      Word Form


To apply to have a dog measured (Height at Shoulder - HAS) to determine correct height category for Agility trial entries. PLEASE COMPLETE THE FORM ON YOUR PC, LAPTOP, TABLET, etc TO ENSURE LEGIBILITY.  Completed forms that are not clear (cannot be read) will be rejected and you will have to wait till the next measuring day before you can trial.
$5 per Dog for Height Measuring
(correct money please, no change given)
Application for Title Upgrade To request a Title Upgrade.
You will be directed to the Championship/Award Certificate Application on the Dogs Victoria website.
The section is Forms, Members Forms and the form you need is Championship/Award Certificate.
This form is changed each year (that is the cost of a Title Upgrade is increased each year) and the current cost is printed on the form.
Agility & Jumping Score Sheets:
- Traditional
- More to come soon
Traditional scribes sheets are as depicted in the ANKC rules. Traditional is the simplest form of scribes sheet. Thanks to Lynne.
Games Judging Score Sheets:
- Gamblers
- Snooker
- Strategic Pairs


Click the required form to open the file, then save to your PC

Click Here to let me know if there is a problem.