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Kate Dall & Zulu Achieve AG CH Status
Victoria's 11th and Final AG CH Under the 2006 Rules

At Portland on Sunday 27th November 2011

Congratulations to Kate Dall and

Zulu’s path to AG CH was a very short path, at barely 3 ˝ years of age he may be the youngest dog to gain this award.   A little over a month ago a few dogs gained their title & other handlers kept asking me how close Zulu was, I kept saying Nah not us, he’s so young, barely been in masters a year, no way, and this title is only for the amazing dogs who win all the time, not us,  “but you are winning” they kept saying, I had to think about that for a moment then realised yes we are winning quite a lot, but no he’s too young.

Then at Warrnambool in November we picked up a couple of nice wins and I thought perhaps I should find out exactly what we needed for this title, so it was all explained to me, so when I got home I went through his pass cards, made sure his passes to his masters titles were out of the way & started to add them all up, the stats were  11 places & 8 wins in agility & 14 places & 6 wins in jumping, so the places were sorted, just needed 2 agility wins & 4 jumping wins but only 5 weeks in which to do it, the challenge was set. We picked those wins off one by one, until heading off to Portland still needing 2 jumping wins & 1 agility win.

We gained another jumping win on the Saturday, but missed some contact colours in agility, it must be the sea air but Portand’s contact zones "seemed" a lot smaller than everyone else's.

Sunday dawned, ready for a big day, the agility course was set, traps everywhere to lure dogs onto the wrong piece of equipment, this was a course that suited us, just need to make sure we got those colours, which we did, now just to wait & see what the others did, there were off courses & dropped bars a plenty giving us the needed win.  Then this whole title was down to just one win in jumping, the course was set, a very fast course, not the technically challenging course that we excel in & the added bonus of being first dog to run the class, so I knew there was no room for error, we just had to go as hard as we could & let the rest catch us.  The bars tumbled & a few off courses gave us that amazing win to give us the title.

Kate Dall