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Ros Atyeo's Paris Achieves AG CH Status

Saturday 14th May 2011 at Bulla

Needing 2 more passes the first was in Adrian Tilley's ring and the all-important second one was in the Peter Buykx ring.

Dual CH (A) Yeoville Magic Reaction ADM JDM ADO2 JDO2 SPDM GDX SD ET FDCH W-FD/MF

The true story of a blackhearted bitch…. My Paris

What can we say but it has been a long road with various hiccups, contact retrains, season delays, one litter, and one baby interspersed between various seminars and what feels like many trials and a dalliance in the other sports of freestyle, flyball, endurance and a conformation title.

Paris was from the first litter in my prefix Yeoville. Not only that, but she crawled out of the uterus first in the whelping process, opened eyes first in the litter, and she was the only girl in the litter who knowing her probably relished bathing in the testosterone from her gestational four brothers. She proceeded to blow me away with her powers of concentration in her first training session at about 8 weeks. I remember looking at those little black eyes boring into mine and thinking “this girl has been here before”. Without fight and without fuss she was the top girl in my house by seven months old. Simply put, she was pretty much smarter than everyone else. And we bonded from day one.

Most of you would know Paris as a feisty biach, largely intolerant, who says what she thinks. Even more unfortunately Peter says she is just like me. So Paris is kind of like a second daughter to me, we just “get” each other. She is extremely predictable, has a loyal streak a mile wide, and believe it or not she is a stickler for morning cuddles. Oh and I think she is exceptionally pretty too.

Although I am certainly Paris’ trainer, Peter has been my copilot with her from early in her agility days. Some might think as her predominant handler that it might be disappointing to have not handled that final qualifying round, but I don’t feel that way in the slightest, I’ve had to hand the keys to the porsche over many times for various reasons, and with a bad hamstring tear that is only just healing and a bad cold, well let’s face it I was really a hindrance to her out there. But might I take the chance here to thank Peter for every time he has campaigned her, his efforts were crucial to Paris and I getting into Top Dog finals last year (2010), amongst many other times.

Paris has only been bad at two things in her life…. Firstly whelping puppies (the emergency c- section, well my ugg boots were never the same), and secondly she has missed both of the last two nationals, the 2008 Victorian Nats because she was in season and the 2010 Perth Nats because I was inconsiderate enough to deliver Alex ten days before these (and yes by emergency c-section… clearly we share the “being crap at that last bit” too). So who knows if we will ever get to grace a national event at the masters level.

Some of her more memorable agility achievements include:

·         Winner of the “Top Agility Dog” award, first Border Collie National Specialty, NSW, 2006, and backing it up the next day with a Best of Breed (25 point challenge with 40+ Border Collies competing) at the County of Cumberland Championship Show.  

  • Fastest Border Collie in Jumping or Agility on three separate occasions 
    at the Border Collie Club of Victoria annual trial

  • Excellent Jumping National Finalist South Australia, 2007

  • 2009 Fastest Agility Dog, Melbourne Royal Show, 
    winner of the Open Class.

  • State Jumping Champion, Victoria 2010

  • Winner of Top Agility Dog, Victoria 2010

If someone asked what you could ever have aspired to achieve with your first homebred girl (or indeed first ever homebred puppy), well it goes without saying, Paris has done everything I could wish for and more. And now she becomes only the third Dual Champion (in agility and conformation) in Australia, in good company with our boy Dash. It is also makes us very happy that four of the pups from her only litter (I couldn’t bring myself to do it again with the risk of another c-section for her) are actively and successfully trialling in agility or obedience.


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