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27 Apr ADCV TRIAL Was originally scheduled for Sunday 16 Sept 2018 now will be held on Saturday 15 Sept 2018 due to the ground now being unavailable on the Sunday.
06 Feb Judges for the Royal
Heather Tilley advises that Laura Schimke (Qld) and Sue Gonelli (Vic) are the judges for Action Dogs at the Royal for 2018. Laura for Agility/Jumping and Sue for Agility Games/Open Jumping. Congratulations to both.
19 Jan New Document - How to Rubberize Agility Contact Surfaces - Thanks to Katie Kisielnicki. Following requests for more documented info to support the excellent video, Katie has produced an easy-to-read step-by-step document,
19 Jan 2018 New Victorian Judge - As notified by Nikki - Congratulations to Megan Smith on qualifying as an Agility Judge. The Judges List on this website has been updated.
30 Dec New Trial For Victoria - Sat 20 Oct
A new official affiliated dog club Awesome Paws Agility Training Inc will hold its first Agility and Jumping trial on Saturday 20 Oct KCC. The club has been formed by Geraldine and Katie Kisielnicki both well known within the Victorian Agility community.