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Katie Kisielnicki & Nakita Achieve AG CH 500 Status

At Hastings on Saturday 25th August 2012

Congratulations to Katie Kisielnicki and

Photo by Luke Wilby

Nakita aka Yabbie is my second dog to gain her Agility Champion Title not only that but my second home bred girl which makes it so much more special to me. Nakita is an absolute blast to run and I just LOVE her enthusiasm and passion for agility. No matter what happens out there on course whether it’s a perfect run or  even if it’s a complete train wreck, we still have such an awesome time and it really is the biggest adrenaline rush ever.  

Nakita has really blown my mind with how far we have come in such a short time she is only 4 years old and she has gained her agility champion title with the amazing results of 45 first places, 5 second places and 1 third it’s an outcome I would never have imagined.

 Not only that but in the  past 12 months she has had a litter of puppies,  competed at the NSW Agility Nationals and won 2 out of the 3 Master Jumping 500 heats against the biggest competition in the country.   At State trial she qualified for both Top Dog Jumping and Top Dog  Agility and also won State Jumping Champion 2012 all with having around 5 months off the trialing year to have her beautiful kids Spark & Roxy.

 Nakita was the first born in her litter I held this little fat chocolate kid and said “ This is our Girl Nakita” mum looked at me and said “Roxy hasn’t even finished, how can you know,  she might have something better for you"..But I just had that feeling she was our girl no matter what else was to come.

 Out on course Nakita is one focused enthusiastic and some might say CRAZY kid but at home  there is another side to her she is just such a sweetheart and by far the easiest dog to live with that  I have ever owned. Each morning she waits till Kris goes to work and she will jump up on the bed snuggles on the pillows with me and if Kris doesn't get up early enough she jumps up and tries to push him out LOL she is a mummies girl for sure. 

 I just love every second we are out there playing agility and while at times it almost looks like she doesn’t need me out there telling her what to do while she is a mile ahead of me or on her “Go” home but  at the end of each run she always comes back to me, jumps in my arms and gives me the biggest kiss  with the hugest  smile on her face…and for me that’s what it’s all about being out there having a blast with my Yabbie…..Who really has lived up to her Name Kayladene BORN TO RUN>>>

Katie Kisielnicki