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Katie & Kirra - The Journey

From 18 months for first Novice Pass 


Agility Champion

At Geelong on Saturday 9th April 2011, Kirra became Victoria's 6th Agility Champion. After many knocked bars and taking 18 months to get a Novice Pass, Kirra has deservedly achieved the AG CH title. Owned by Katie & Kris Kisielnicki, trained & handled by Katie, after a slow start Katie has worked hard to achieve AG CH status. Katie said "18 months with not a single pass, now she is an agility champion, who would have thought!!!! I don't think any other dog I will ever own will ever teach me as much as Kirra has, that's for sure!!!!" And who would be the proudest supporters? Katie's husband Kris who runs Kirra in some Open events, and Katie's Mum Geraldine, herself having been involved with Agility Champions. 

As Katie describes the journey:  OK, I have put together a video of Kirra and my first ever Novice run in both Agility and Jumping back when both of us had just started agility. 

It has been a great laugh to go back and watch us run around at what looks like running 2 different courses together hahahahahahah

But ending on our run that gained us our title.

Enjoy and don't laugh too much. I did question myself if I should post this hahahhaaha

The Journey on Video:
    - First ever trial 1st March 2007 - Novice Jumping
    - First attempt at Novice Agility
    - Master Jumping 2011 - nearly 4 years on (and a lot of training)
    - Master Agility 9th April 2011 - 1st Place - Gaining her Agility Champion Title