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Congratulations Karo & Ziggy AG CH

The Story

How you can have an Agility Champion and not know it.


On Monday 25th April (one day after the ADCV Trial) Karolyn thought it would be best to check Ziggy's first place pass cards in case he needed two more, not one, as she thought, and guess what, 
"I FOUND AN EXTRA ONE!!!!!!!"   
But was the count correct? Karolyn re-counted five times and then got Ed to check!! 
Sure enough, Ziggy was an AG CH and Karo was over the moon, well and truly over! 

This is Ed with Ziggy & Tookus Pusskas 
After counting passes, he counted sheep.

Penny Spencer broke the news to agility community:
"I would love to congratulate one of my favourite competitors, great instructor, my god-dog and fellow 600 competitor for achieving their Agility Championship this weekend! I am so happy for both Karolyn and Ziggy and I am sure BOTH of them won’t stop grinning for a long time" 

Karo replied: "My wonderful, soft as marshmallow, more handsome than Johnny Depp, happier than a pig in poo, beloved boy has done it. He is Victoria's first, 600 AGILITY CHAMPION and I'm still a bit shaky.

I will NEVER  forget the A.D.C.V.  2011 trial. Great weather, great company, hoon courses from Qld. judges, yummy Easter eggs, goody bags, great prizes, great raffle prizes, lovely surface and my lovely Ziggy's AG CH title, even though I didn't know it!!  Thanks Annette and Murray, and team!

(Still grinning and a tad shaky)  xxxx K
p.s.  In my next life, I'm going to have a brain that can count.

Asked to describe her feelings Karo added: 
HE DID IT!!!! My beautiful, soft, (incredibly handsome, and just divine!) boy has achieved the pinnacle of his Agility career,and I just love being part of this sport!  I have been incredibly lucky with my dogs.  Zoe, (radical little rat bag, was from an ......ah, hem, pet shop) and young Ziggy, from a flyer on the local supermarket notice board!  Phoebe was on the same freakin' notice board!!  

To have qualified with Ziggles to represent Victoria at the Nationals in Perth was a huge honour, and Ziggy and I had a great time, with heaps of qualifying runs.  Travelling with Penny and Pan was just delightful!. I still watch the really good handlers with their dogs and pick up as much as my aged brain can absorb.  I'm sooooo glad I didn't know his run on Sunday would be his qualifying run, or I would have been far too nervous to do it justice!
Thanks to ALL for making this a thoroughly enjoyable sport, with our amazing companions!!
 :-)))))))))))) Karolyn, Ed (support crew, without whom none of my ridiculous behaviour would bear fruit!), Ziggy,  Zoe, and Phoebe.