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2nd Note From K9 Agility Committee
2nd Note re K9 Trial - Saturday 23rd February 2013

Hi Everyone

It's confirmed that the lights on the front lawn will NOT be working by Saturday 23rd Feb for our twilight trial so K9 Committee have decided rather than cancel we will go ahead with the trial and changed a few things from the schedule so everyone please read carefully:

ALL RINGS: Start @ 3pm

GROUNDS: we are not going to be using the front lawn and have moved out to Exhibition area 6 (behind the Western Port Rooms) where there is more room. This ground has had extensive work on it and is now in great condition. We are also using the Western Port & GS rooms so we are now closer to them.

SET UP TIME: 2pm so if anyone wants to help please do so

REFUNDS: Anyone who decides this time change means they scratch or miss will get a refund for all entries, or just early ones if they choose to run after 5:30pm only, BUT Greg wants an email to ravenstone4@bigpond.com.au prior to the trial starting to know this is their intention.

MASTERS JUMPING: Due to the massive numbers of entries for Masters Jumping (82) we are asking if you are DQ'ed if you could please leave the ring so the next dog can run. We are only asking this of the dogs that DQ not (NQ) so we can finish before dark.

There will be paddle pools and buckets of water for the dogs.

Apologies for the late notice and the change but like we have said, back in Oct. we were promised time and time again we would without a doubt have lights so we are doing the best we can given the restrictions.

We hope to be finished and packing up by 8pm. So if everyone can jump in and help pack up before it gets dark that would be really appreciated.

THANKS & GOOD LUCK to everyone


Katie for K9 Agility Club Inc.