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Jessie - AG CH 500

At K9 on Saturday 12th November 2011

Congratulations to Susan & Kathy Macmillan and
AG CH 500 Corriedale Jessie ADM JDM ADO JDO GDX SDM SPDM

Jessie easily clearing a jump

Who would have thought that Jessie would have done so well at agility? She was a wild child who was not interested in toys or food and who failed several times at basic obedience. She passed eventually in an oversized group during a heavy rainstorm – the assessor failed the worst and passed the rest –yippee! We had fun in social classes for a while. Jessie turned 3 and suddenly decided that she would pay attention and try to do the right thing! Yes!

Kathy and Tosca discovered agility and persuaded me to give Jessie a try. We didn’t know what we were doing and neither did the instructors but we had fun. Kathy suggested we would learn more if we started trialling so we did. What a shambles! It took a year of hard work to pass novice. We trained and re-trained in whatever way we thought might improve our performances. Jessie was mis-measured at our club and thinking that we had been jumping at the wrong height, we changed to jumping  large. That certainly slowed her down, she needed a run-up to each jump so our serpentines were wide enough for a bus. In another year we got her excellent titles and in the year following, her masters titles.

But things were looking up - Pavlina took over agility at the club and started teaching the Derrett system. So Jessie learned her umpteenth way of doing agility, but thankfully, her last. Even better, when the heights changed, Jessie turned out to be a 500 dog and was able to jump a much lower height. Jessie has always loved agility and now she enjoys it even more. No-one can be in any doubt that she is having the time of her life when she plays the agility game. Her eyes are shining, her hairy ears are pricked and she is alert and often barking. Is it my turn yet? Is it my turn yet?

Jessie is a Smithfield-Kelpie Cross, bred by a drover who decided he would not sell any of the short-haired pups in the litter. She wilts in the heat and is a little bit blonde but she is a mad keen ball dog and really really fit. She is not very fast and quite frequently has a feral run but she is lovely to all of us who fancy scruffy dogs. She is 11 now and emphatically does not want to retire just yet.

Susan Macmillan.

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