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Henri - AG CH 200

At ADCV Easter Trial on Sunday 8th April 2012

Congratulations to Denise Chrystal and
Triple Ch (Tr & Agility 200) Waiwilta Woodstock TSDX ADM5 JDM7 SPDX SDM

1st AG CH 200 in Victoria

1st and Only Triple Champion Papillon (Conformation, Tracking and Agility 200)

            Sire: Graegill Zac     Dam: Dual Champion (Tracking) Wispodown Country Fiddle TSDX ADX JDX SPD SD

Owned by: Denise & Eric Chrystal

The journey began on 12th March 2004 when the first Papillon litter of three boys (two red sables & white - Henri and William - and a black & white – Wesley) were born at Waiwilta. Henri was selected as the future hope of the family and his first experience of competition came at just eight weeks of age when he attended his first tracking trial (as a spectator of course) helping to set up the bush tracks at Haddon, Victoria.


 What a unique representative of the Papillon breed Henri has become, demonstrating the versatility and competiveness of the breed amongst the top echelon of ANKC competition across multiple disciplines. Henri achieved his Australian Champion title with the majority of challenges either being Best of Breed or Runner up Best of Breed.  His limited show career incorporated multiple Exhibit In Group and “In Show” class awards, both at All Breeds and Speciality Championship shows under local and international specialist judges. He is also a multi “Best in Trial” winner, again in both All Breeds Open Agility trials and Restricted to Height Agility trials in Agility, Jumping and Games.

He is the second Dual Champion Papillon in Australia (his mother being the first) and the first and only Triple Champion Papillon.  Tracking was a long drawn out  process over five years due to my tracking judging appointments and Henri, upon gaining his Tracking Champion title, has gone on to Track & Search competition, again following in his mothers (first titled TSD and TSDX dog in Australia – all breeds) paw prints by gaining his first TSD title in one season. He has qualified for his TSD Test 4  with a very good grading so far this season and has two more tests to complete for his TSDX title, currently the highest award in Track & Search competition in Australia.



 Henri’s agility career has been a huge learning curve for us both with Henri expressing his frustration with the handler mistakes quite vocally. Limited agility experience and access to training facilities meant a lot had to be learnt “on the job” so to speak at trials and I thank the agility community for their generosity in sharing their knowledge, advise, encouragement and tips freely and in particular Jennette Stiles for sharing her unequalled dog training knowledge.

With the introduction of the separate height Agility Champion title in July 2011 Henri’s points were calculated and he had accumulated 180 agility points and 260 jumping points of the 500 required in each section. The remaining jumping points came quickly and by the end of October 2011 sufficient had been achieved. Agility points were coming along nicely until the wheels fell of the cart when a back injury put Henri on restricted exercise for some weeks and then on his return to competition in 2012 a strong case of nerves struck his handler preventing qualifications until the 2012 Easter Agility Dog Club trials. Henri needed four, first place qualifications in agility to secure his title – four agility classes were on offer over the weekend. After his final run on day two, Henri had gained a total of 100 agility points being first in all four Master Agility classes in the 200 category and overall placed in the top seven for each run culminating in an Agility Champion 200 Title and a Triple Champion Title (Conformation, Tracking and Agility 200) on 08/04/2012. I believe this makes Henri the highest qualified Papillon over multiple ANKC disciplines in Australia with a total to date of twenty-nine titles and counting……

  Triple Champion (Tracking & Agility 200) 08/04/2012

Henri’s Titles gained to date are:  

1.  Tracking Dog  05/06/2005 2.AustralianChampion  20/12/2005
3.  Jumping Dog   01/07/2006 4.  Agility Dog  16/09/2006
5.  Jumping Dog Excellent 17/09/06 6. Agility Dog Excellent  12/05/2007
7.  Tracking Dog Excellent 08/09/2007 8.  Snooker Dog  29/08/2008
9.  Jumping Dog Master  15/09/2007 10.  Strategic Pairs Dog  04/10/2008
11.  Jumping Dog Master 2  16/05/2009 12.  Snooker Dog Excellent  16/5/2009
13.  Agility Dog Master  15/09/2010 14.  Jumping Dog Master 3  7/02/2010
15.  Strategic Pairs Dog Excellent 30/5/10 16.  Agility Dog Master 2 03/07/2010
17.  Tracking Champion  11/09/2010 18.  Dual Champion (Tracking)  11/09/10
19.  Jumping Dog Master 4  30/10/2010 20.  Agility Dog Master 3  13/03/2011
21.  Snooker Dog Master 21/05/2011  22.  Track & Search Dog  31/07/2011
23.  Jumping Dog Master 5  27/08/2011 24.  Agility Dog Master 4  15/10/2011
25.  Jumping Dog Master 6  15/10/2011  26.  Jumping Dog Master 7  17/3/2012
27.  Agility Dog Master 5    07/04/2012 28.  Agility Champion 200  08/04/2012

29.  Triple Champion (Tracking & Agility 200) 08/04/2012

30.  Track & Search Dog Excellent 03/08/2012

             By Denise Chrystal – an extremely proud breeder, owner and handler of a super dog: