Obedience/Agility/Jumping Trial
Toners Lane, Morwell Vic
Sunday 7 November 2010

Entries Close: Monday 18th October

Entries: Trial Secretary, Miss J Morrey, 27 Parer Avenue, Moe, Vic 3825
Ph: 5127 1819 -
Entry Fees:   Obedience $11.00 per entry.  
Agility, Jumping & Games $9.00 per entry.
(includes $2.00 for catalogue and VCA surcharge & levy)
Cheques Payable: to Gippsland Obedience Dog Club Inc
Entry Forms: Obedience: Separate entry forms for each class,
Open & UD: include HAS in mm & titles
Agility & Jumping: Multi-Entry form, include Jumping Height and titles.
Please state Trial (A, B, C or D) next to class entered

Sunday 7 November 2010
Trial A - Agility & Jumping - Start: 9.00am

Master/Excellent/Open/Novice Agility: Mr M Cowman
Novice/Open/Excellent/Master Jumping: Mr S Pearson
Novice/Excellent/Master Gamblers: Mr J Browne
Trial B - Agility & Jumping - Start: not before 12.00noon

Novice/Open/Excellent/Master Agility: Mr A Tilley
Master/Excellent/Open/Novice Jumping: Mr P Gavin
Novice/Excellent/Master Snooker: Mr P Buykx
Trial C - Obedience - Start: 9.00am

CCD:        Mr F Valastro       
Novice:    Mrs L Piper           
Open:      Mr T Moore          
Utility:     Mr C Makepeace   
UDX/Utility:   Mrs N McIlroy

Trial D - Obedience - Start: not before 12.00noon

CCD:        Mr T Moore          
Novice:    Mrs N McIlroy       
Open:      Ms R Buckley        
Utility:     Mr C Makepeace   
UDX/Utility:   Mr F Valastro 

The committee reserves the right to substitute Judges for any necessary reason.

Check in time:  Obedience: Trial C: 8.00  8.45 am,  Trial D: 11.00 to 11.45am.
Agility & Jumping: Catalogue and Numbers to be collected from office prior to competing. 
No Check-in or Vetting for Agility & Jumping
Awards: Trophy and Sash for class winners. Ribbons for 2nd and 3rd. 
Title and Qualifying Score Ribbons.
Special Awards:  Highest Scoring Bairnsdale Member, Highest Scoring Gippsland Member, 
Highest Scoring East Gippsland Member, Highest Scoring Weimaraner In Trial, 
Fastest round by a Gippsland member.

Full Catering on Grounds