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(Closing Date)

Trials CLOSED - In Trial Date Order

Enter WANGARATTA Sat-Sun 11-12 Aug
 Agility, Jumping & Obedience Trial   (Thur 12 Jul)
In conjunction with Obedience Trial

Trials OPEN - In Closing Date Order

Enter BAIRNSDALE Sat-Sun 4-5 Aug  
 Open Agility & Jumping Trial        (Sun 22 Jul)
Note: Iss 2. Paper Entries accepted
Enter RIVERLAND (Barmera SA) S-S 18-19 Aug
Open Agility, Jumping & Games  (Thu 02 Aug)
Entries now open on K9 Entries
Barmera is 160km west of Mildura, near Renmark & Berri.
Enter HASTINGS Sat 25 Aug
Open Agility & Jumping Trial    (Fri 10 Aug)
Entries now open on K9 Entries
Enter MOORABBIN Sat 8 Sep
Open Agility & Jumping Trial
(Paper Fri 17 Aug, Online Fri 24 Aug)
Hosting International Judge Lee Gibson (UK)
Open Agility & Jumping Trial  (Fri 05 Oct)
This year it is a One Day trial

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