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Basil - AG CH 300

At Croydon on Saturday 17 September 2011

Congratulations to Roxann and
AG CH 300 Buraba Black Basil ADM9 JDM6 ADO3 JDO SDM SPDM GD

Basil jumps obstacle No 8 on his way to the title.

1st AG CH 300 in Victoria

1st Height Agility Champion in Victoria (under the new rules)

1st Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Agility Champion

Following the introduction of the new rules Roxann & Basil needed 100 Agility and 160 Jumping points to top up their carry-in points to complete the AG CH 300 title. With four Master Jumping events at Croydon on 17th September 2011, it was a perfect setting to achieve the title. Running very well the day resulted in two 1sts, one 2nd and one 3rd, gaining a huge 85 points and clinching the AG CH 300 title, way quicker than Roxann anticipated.

Roxann said, for Basil, the real prize was a winners meal of pizza and ice cream, his favorite, and I still can't wipe the smile off my face.

Roxann added, Basil just loves doing Agility and he loves to tell everyone about it, he often barks his way around a course or announces his arrival at a trial with sheer enthusiasm.

Basil has been an easy dog to train because of his love for food and then he found his second love which was agility and while the road to begin with had some small bumps he obtained his Novice and Excellent titles rather quickly and we were then thrust into the world of Masters which we both weren’t ready for but in true Basil style he took it in his stride and while I endeavoured to learn better handling skills he was content to do what needed to be done while I caught up, finally getting to the stage we are at now and work as a wonderful team.

 Highlights were Top Dog Finalist in Agility 2008 placing 4th amongst all heights – what a terrifying experience that was for me but oh what a sheer joy for my boy to place 4th

And the many wonderful runs we have shared together.

Roxann thanks everyone for the congratulations and emails on Basil's title, saying she has been very blessed to have such a special boy and one who just loves doing agility. He has now turned 10 and if the efforts at Croydon are any indication he's a long way from retiring yet.

Here are a couple of photos of the actual winning run taken by Sal Robinson. A video of the run is also on Sal's Facebook page.

Once again, congratulations Roxann and Basil.